Do you run an online store?

Take advantage of e-commerce services that will help keep your business running smoothly.

Learn about business expense financing, factoring and single invoice financing.

Do you run an online store?

Easy and constant access to cash for your store

Running an e-shop is a big cost

What costs can you finance?

Taxes and Social Security contributions
Purchase of goods
Graphic and photographic services
Licenses, software, IT support
Warehouse and office space
Promotion and advertising
Shipping and packaging materials
RODO, regulations and legal services
Jakie są koszty prowadzenia sklepu online

Choose financing to help you grow your online store:

Financing corporate purchases

If you want to have constant access to money to cover the costs of running a store.

Financing of taxes and Social Security contributions

If you want to avoid late payment penalties.


If you issue deferred payment invoices to customers with whom you do regular business.

Financing of individual invoices

If you want to cash individual invoices with deferred payment.

What do you gain from our financing?

Ekspresowe finansowanie wtedy, kiedy potrzebujesz
Constant access to money for current expenses
Brak przestojów w firmie
Unthreatened liquidity
Jak rozwinąć sklep i zwiększyć zyski
Unrestricted opportunity to grow and increase profits from the store
Brak kar za nieterminowe opłacanie podatków i ZUS
No penalties for failure to pay taxes and Social Security contributions on time

How do customers rate us?

Szafron Szendzielorz Projekt sp. z o.o.

I established cooperation with PragmaGO at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022. Since then, PragmaGO has been serving my company with invoice financing for some of our clients. Starting to work with PragmaGO was one of the best decisions I made. PragmaGO works with unbelievable speed – both the establishment of cooperation and day-to-day cooperation – all matters are handled on the spot. The electronic billing system works perfectly. Transfers are processed within an hour of submitting the invoice for financing. PragmaGO solves at least half of my problems. There is no better solution for companies.


I am very satisfied with the cooperation with PragmaGO. I can issue term invoices and not wait for payment. I get the money in my account quickly, after completing a few simple formalities. Everything is taken care of with the help of the app. I recommend PragmaGO.

Questions and answers

What type of financing do online shop owners most often choose?

Online store owners face high operating costs and therefore need funds to cover them. Purchase financing and tax and Social Security financing services work best in this case.

If you issue deferred invoices from time to time, you can gain faster access to funds by using single invoice financing.

However, if issuing invoices with distant due dates is your daily routine, and you have many regular customers, choose online factoring.

How do you benefit from financing your business purchases?

The whole process is very simple and is done 100% online – all you have to do is fill out an application on our website. However, before you decide to send the form, prepare a document confirming your business purchases (such as an expense invoice or purchase order) – the file should be attached to the application.

When filling out the application, we will ask you to provide the necessary contact information. At this stage you can also choose the number of monthly installments – you will repay the commitment in 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 installments.

Once we accept the application, we will send the financing terms to your email address, which you will confirm by entering the code you received in the SMS message into the Customer Area. Then we make a transfer – the money for purchases will go directly to your supplier.

What is the cost of funding?

The cost of financing depends on many factors, including:

  • selected service,
  • financial assessment of the company and the contractor,
  • the amount and period of financing,

You will know the exact cost of financing before signing the contract.

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