Financing of sales invoices

Choose the perfect service for your business. Find out how factoring differs from single invoice financing and start selling receivables at your convenience.

Financing of sales invoices



Permanent financing of your sales with guaranteed payment

Choose online factoring, or financing with a fixed contract, if you regularly issue deferred invoices to the same contractors.

50,000 15,000,000 PLNor 11 ,000 3,330,000 EUR

Renewable financing limit (if you need more, let your advisor know and they will see what we can do for you).

Interest rates from 1.96%
Example for financing of PLN 100,000
– Lower interest rates through a long-term contract.

Decision in 24 hours

Online contract – sign with a qualified signature and get an advance payment right away. No waiting for assignment!

Or you can do it the traditional way – the documents will be delivered and picked up by a courier.

Financing of Polish and foreign buyers

Global assignment of receivables
On customers covered by the contract.

FREE Insurance
We will insure your recipients as part of the package – we will also take care of the monitoring of receivables.


Funding from time to time or on a trial basis

Choose this option if you perform single transactions with different customers, need financing from time to time or want to test the service.

500 100,000 PLN or 150 22,000 EUR

Renewable financing limit – maintaining the limit for financing single invoices is free of charge. You pay when you use.

Interest rates from 2.8%
Example for PLN 100,000 financing.

Decision in 2 hours

SMS contract authorization

Financing only for Polish customers

One-time assignment of receivables

Ekspresowe finansowanie wtedy, kiedy potrzebujesz
Instant access to invoice money
Alternatywne finansowanie dla kredytów i pożyczek
A viable and convenient alternative to loans and credits
Poprawa płynności finansowej dzięki finansowaniu sprzedaży
Significant improvement in liquidity
Możliwość wydłużenia terminów płatności na fakturach
Ability to extend payment terms