Choose online factoring

and receive an advance payment immediately

You do not have to wait for the liabilities` cession – we will pay the advance payment as soon as the contract is signed. Online factoring at PragmaGO is:

constant access to cash
up to PLN 150,000 without a promissory note
100% down payment by express transfer
receivables insurance free of charge

How does factoring work?

The standard amount of the factoring limit is from PLN 50,000 to PLN 15,000,000 (or from EUR 11,000 to EUR 3,330,000). Do you need a higher limit? Once our advisor contacts you, simply provide your specific requirements.

Fill out the application – it will take you a few minutes.

Submission of the form is free of charge and does not oblige you to use the service – we will prepare an individual offer based on it.

At the last stage of the application, we will ask you to verify the company’s bank account number through the Kontomatik application or with a return verification transfer (for the amount of PLN 1).

Once you send in your application, your customer advisor will contact you and provide support throughout the process.

We will then analyze the information in your application and propose the terms of cooperation that will be most favorable.

Within 1-2 days you will receive a decision on the factoring limit and a contract for approval.

Factoring agreements do not require a signature on a paper version – all you need is an electronic signature, which you provide, for example, using the Autenti platform.

If you prefer to sign a traditional contract, we will arrange for a courier service to come to the address you specify.

We guarantee payment of the first tranche before the recipient agrees to the assignment. All you have to do is sign the contract, and the funds will immediately go into your account.


The limit for
100 000

Your monthly net cost

This is a sample calculation calculated for an entrepreneur who settles the flat tax (19%) and VAT.  The presented calculation does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 par. 1 KC. We prepare a special price offer for invoices with a denomination over 250 thousand PLN or 75 thousand EUR.
6000 PLN

Which billing method will work for me – subscription or rate?

How to choose the optimal limit?

Estimate the amount, taking into account the fact that the limit renews after each invoice payment.

If you issue monthly invoices for PLN 100,000 with a payment term of 60 days, the optimal amount for you will be PLN 200,000.

Follow the analogy when setting limits on individual customers. If you issue invoices per customer per month with a long payment term of 60 days for the amount of PLN 20,000, then in this case the optimal amount will be PLN 40,000.

Our customer advisor will help you determine the optimal amount.

Can I change the limit during the contract?

Can I include factoring expenses as a business expense?

You can include commission and interest expenses for a factoring service as a deductible and tax-deductible expense.

The presented calculation does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 par. 1 KC. The total cost has been calculated for an entrepreneur who settles the flat tax (19%) and VAT. For invoices over 250 thousand PLN or 75 thousand EUR we prepare a special price offer.

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What makes our factoring offer different?

Ekspresowe finansowanie wtedy, kiedy potrzebujesz
Guaranteed down payment to start
Individual support of a customer advisor
Darmowe ubezpieczenie
Free transaction insurance
Monitoring należności faktoringowych
Active monitoring of receivables

Our clients’ recommendations

Szafron Szendzielorz Projekt sp. z o.o.

I established cooperation with PragmaGO at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022. Since then, PragmaGO has been serving my company with invoice financing for some of our clients. Starting to work with PragmaGO was one of the best decisions I made. PragmaGO works with unbelievable speed – both the establishment of cooperation and day-to-day cooperation – all matters are handled on the spot. The electronic billing system works perfectly. Transfers are processed within an hour of submitting the invoice for financing. PragmaGO solves at least half of my problems. There is no better solution for companies.


I am very satisfied with the cooperation with PragmaGO. I can issue term invoices and not wait for payment. I get the money in my account quickly, after completing a few simple formalities. Everything is taken care of with the help of the app. I recommend PragmaGO.

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What is the guaranteed down payment?

In order to meet our customers’ expectations, we have shortened the waiting time for disbursement as much as possible. Every entrepreneur who uses our factoring for the first time will receive an advance from us as soon as the contract is signed – even before the assignment is confirmed.

It is sufficient to demonstrate cooperation with the applicant and recipients, and the absence of bailiffs and foreclosure.

The advance payment does not involve any additional costs.

Do my counterparties (customers) have to agree to factoring?

Yes, factoring is a form of financing based on assignment of receivables. Your recipients will receive a notice of assignment asking them to sign it and send it back to us.

Apart from the account number to which they will make payments (instead of yours, the funds will be transferred to our account), nothing else about them changes. Invoice payment terms also remain the same. Your recipients also do not incur any additional costs.

Many companies are familiar with the factoring service, so there is usually no problem signing an assignment of receivables.

Will my creditworthiness be verified during the application process?

We need your permission to check with BIK and BIG in order to reprocess your application.

With online factoring, however, the main focus is on verifying your counterparties – this is so that start-ups can also benefit from financing. So if you work with reliable entities, you shouldn’t have any problems getting financing.

How to sign a contract with a qualified electronic signature?

You can do this in two ways.

Method 1: Sign the contract with a qualified electronic signature you already have.

If you have a qualified electronic signature, you will receive an email from us with a prepared factoring agreement and a request to sign it. All you have to do is send it back to our email address.

Method 2: Sign the contract with a one-time qualified electronic signature.

In the email you receive from Autenti, click “View document” and then review the contents. In the next step, choose the option of signing with mSzafir by KIR S.A. (one-time certificate). Then select the statement, choose the identity verification method and confirm your data. The last step is to authorize and sign the document.

What invoices can be submitted for funding under this service?

We finance unmatured invoices, i.e. invoices whose due date has not yet passed (the invoice must be reported at least 8 days before the due date).

Our online factoring is also an option for financing foreign customers from EU countries. However, in this case we require you to send an insurance policy or use additional insurance with us.

What is the factoring process?

The process is extremely simple. It involves three parties – the factor, the factorant (the entrepreneur issuing the invoice) and the invoice recipient (the counterparty).

The entrepreneur delivers the goods or performs the service for its customer and then submits a copy of the invoice to the factor for fas

The factor performs a transfer of funds to the factor’s account, and the recipient pays the liability directly to the factor’s account on a prearranged date.

How long do you have to wait for a decision?

The factoring decision is issued within 1-2 days after you complete the online application.

You will receive the terms of the decision for review along with the contract and the T&Cs (General Terms of Financing Service). The process is completely automated.

If you have questions at this stage, please contact your mentor, who will clear up any doubts you may have.

Is it possible to finance invoices in foreign currency, such as EUR?

As much as possible, it is possible to finance invoices issued with deferred payment in EUR, USD or GBP. Remember that all invoices must be unmatured.

What industries can benefit from factoring?

Can I add/delete previously designated recipients/contractors?

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