Financing corporate purchases

Do you need funds for company purchases? Do not wait – place an order and send us an invoice.

We will pay your supplier for your purchases, and you will pay us the amount due in convenient installments!

Financing from 100 to 100,000 PLN
Fast transfer directly to the supplier
Decision in 2 hours

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Get cash to pay any business expenses the same day!

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How does purchase financing work?

Purchase financing (purchase factoring) is a way to help pay for any business-related expenses.

All you need to do is purchase goods or services on an invoice (or other document confirming the transaction) with deferred payment. Send the sales document you receive from the seller to us.

We pay all or part (depending on your needs) of the order amount by express transfer directly to your supplier. The funds will be in his account on the same day you accept the terms of cooperation.

You settle with us in installments – you can choose to spread the payment over 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 installments payable by 10. day of each month.

What business expenses can I finance?

With purchase factoring, you can finance any expenses related to the operation of your company, as long as their value is between PLN 100 and 100,000. They can be, for example:

goods and intermediate products,

services (e.g., consulting or training),

marketing costs (e.g., SEO/SEM),

office equipment,

IT infrastructure development,

et al.

Purchase financing – check out the sample calculation

Purchase value
The amount you have to pay for the business purchases you want to finance
Number of instalments
The number of instalments into which you wish to spread the payment of your purchase

Instalment amount

The monthly amount you will pay to finance your purchases
from 914 PLN

The presented calculation does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 KC.

What are the distinctive features of purchase financing?

Money not only for goods

We can also help you finance services or other expenses related to your business (such as marketing costs, software or office equipment).

Saving time

You don’t have to sign a paper contract – the process of applying, launching and handling purchase financing is done online.

You can spend from 100 to 100,000 PLN

We finance small and large business expenses – tailor the service to your company’s needs.

An alternative to loans and credits

By financing your purchases, you can avoid long-term commitments at high interest rates.

Fill out the application online – it will take you a few minutes, is free and without obligation.

With the data contained in the application, we will be able to prepare an offer for you.

At the last stage of the application, we will ask you to verify your company’s bank account number. You can do it with the help of the Kontomatik app or send a return verification transfer for PLN 1.

Upon receipt of your application, we will issue a decision on the financing. Along with it, you will receive access to the Client Zone and detailed terms of cooperation.

In the Customer Area, you can manage your allocated limit and add more cost invoices for financing.

We do not charge any fees for granting and maintaining the limit. You only pay when you use.

If the proposed financing terms suit you, you can accept them by entering the SMS code you received in the Customer Area.

That’s it – once we receive your approval, we’ll send a quick transfer directly to your supplier’s account and pay for your purchases!

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