Financing of individual invoices

Are you waiting to pay a deferred invoice and need the money now? Invoice financing is the service for you.

Limits up to PLN 100,000
Payment of 100% advance by express transfer
Financing also in EUR

Fill out a free application form and turn your invoice into cash

Sell your invoice completely online.

How does single invoice financing work?

Completely online and without unnecessary paperwork, you can sell the outstanding invoices issued to your customers – just fill out the application.

You can send and sell an invoice anytime – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What distinguishes single invoice financing?

The entire financing process is done online. You accept the terms and conditions of financing by SMS code in the Customer Area.

A factoring limit is a revolving pool of funds that you can use to finance new invoices on an ongoing basis.

Single invoice financing calculator

Select the currency of the financed invoice

Enter the gross invoice value
Remaining number of days to repay the invoice

We will pay you

914 PLN

Gross invoice financing cost

Cost of financing after taxes –
123 PLN
The presented calculation does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 par. 1KC. The final cost may vary depending on the results of the transaction scoring.

Start by filling out the free form.

It will take you a few minutes, and allow us to prepare a customized offer for you.

When you apply, we will ask you to verify your company’s bank account number.

You can do this through the Kontomatik app or by making a refundable transfer of PLN 1.

If you decide to use the invoice financing service, you will simultaneously receive access to the online Customer Zone.

In it, you can handle the allocated limit, as well as submit further invoices for financing each time the need arises.

Up to 2 hours after submitting your application, you will receive a decision on the factoring limit.

You will accept the terms of financing with a code received in an SMS message – just enter it in the Customer Area.

As soon as the recipient confirms the assignment, we will send the money to your company’s account by a quick wire transfer.

Can I finance invoices for private recipients?

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Customer Zone

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