Do you run a construction company?

Take advantage of financing for your company – convert invoices issued to contractors into cash well before the due date.

Gain free access to funds to pay for purchases, taxes or Social Security contributions.

Do you run a construction company?

Financing your business

We know how high the costs of running a construction company are

What expenses can you finance with us?

Building materials
Taxes and Social Security contributions
Energy and fuel
Logistics and transportation
Salaries of employees
Jakie są koszty prowadzenia firmy z branży budowlanej

Do you issue invoices with deferred payment?

In the construction industry, this is standard practice – such specifics of the market often result in the creation of so-called “construction companies. payment bottlenecks, and businesses are experiencing liquidity problems.

The threat grows especially when the costs of purchasing construction supplies and energy go up and the company has no spare funds to cover them. Lack of liquidity can derail plans to carry out investments that have been started, and can even weigh on the survival of a construction company in the market.

Our financing helps stabilize the financial situation of the business.

We help convert invoices into cash as soon as they are issued, provide loans for the purchase of materials and other expenses such as energy and fuel costs. We also support the timely payment of taxes and Social Security contributions.

Choose the construction financing that works best for your business:


If you issue deferred payment invoices regularly to the same customers.

Financing of individual invoices

If you work with unique customers or need financing from time to time.

Financing of taxes and Social Security contributions

If you want to pay your current obligations on time, and you do not have spare working capital.

Financing corporate purchases

If you want to take advantage of the availability of goods and materials in the market – even when you temporarily do not have access to cash.

What do you gain from our financing?

Ekspresowe finansowanie wtedy, kiedy potrzebujesz
Permanent access to funds, such as for employee salaries
Brak przestojów w firmie
Ability to maintain continuity of orders
Możliwość zakupu w korzystnej cenie
A chance to buy the materials you need when they are available at a good price
Brak kar za nieterminowe opłacanie podatków i ZUS
A way to avoid penalties for not paying taxes and Social Security contributions on time

How do customers rate us?

Szafron Szendzielorz Projekt sp. z o.o.

I established cooperation with PragmaGO at the beginning of the second quarter of 2022. Since then, PragmaGO has been serving my company with invoice financing for some of our clients. Starting to work with PragmaGO was one of the best decisions I made. PragmaGO works with unbelievable speed – both the establishment of cooperation and day-to-day cooperation – all matters are handled on the spot. The electronic billing system works perfectly. Transfers are processed within an hour of submitting the invoice for financing. PragmaGO solves at least half of my problems. There is no better solution for companies.


I am very satisfied with the cooperation with PragmaGO. I can issue term invoices and not wait for payment. I get the money in my account quickly, after completing a few simple formalities. Everything is taken care of with the help of the app. I recommend PragmaGO.

Questions and answers

What type of financing is most often chosen by entrepreneurs in the construction industry?

Construction entrepreneurs most often work with regular contractors (e.g., suppliers of construction materials). For this reason, the most popular product in this industry is online factoring.

How does factoring work?

The entrepreneur reports to us the regular recipients of his sales invoices, and we pay the invoices – we send the funds directly to the entrepreneur’s account. The recipient of the invoice then repays the liability within the required period by transferring the funds to our company.

The entire process is carried out online – without unnecessary paperwork. If you don’t need permanent financing, you can sell individual invoices or use financing for company purchases and taxes and Social Security contributions.

How to sign the contract?

We provide our services 100% online – from the moment you fill out the form on the website to the transfer of funds.

In the case of single invoice financing, tax and Social Security financing, and purchase financing, there is no need to sign a contract – you can confirm your desire to use the service by entering the received SMS code in the appropriate place in the Customer Area.

The only service that requires a signed contract is online factoring – but nothing prevents you from signing the document with a qualified signature, such as through the Autenti system.

However, if you prefer traditional solutions, we will arrange for a courier service to bring the document and, once signed, deliver it to our headquarters.

What is the cost of funding?

The cost of financing depends on many factors, including:

  • selected service,
  • financial assessment of the company and the contractor,
  • amount and financing period,

You will know the exact cost of financing before signing the contract.

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