Online factoring

with guaranteed payment

Sign the contract and receive an advance payment immediately. No waiting for assignment!

Submit a free application. Provide some information about your company, and based on this information we will prepare a customised online factoring offer and contact you.

Up to PLN 150,000 without a promissory note
We pay 100% of the advance by express transfer
Free insurance for the recipient

How does factoring work?

You issue deferred payment invoices, and we pay you in advance. Your contractor then pays the amount due directly to us on the invoice due date.

With factoring, you sign a cooperation agreement and gain access to the Client Zone. Here you can quickly and conveniently submit invoices for financing without having to send another application.

The standard limit amount is from PLN 50,000 to PLN 15,000,000 or from EUR 11,000 to EUR 3,330,000, depending on the needs of your company. Once granted, you can use the limit without any further formalities, and the funds received from the sale of invoices can be used for any purpose.

Interested in factoring for a higher amount? We have this option too – just let your account manager know.

What makes our factoring offer different?

You don’t have to worry about your counterparty becoming insolvent and unable to meet its obligations. When you use online factoring, you get credit insurance as part of the package.

You don’t have to waste time monitoring invoice payment dates – we do it for you. We can also advise you on how to secure your transactions through the use of appropriate sales documentation.


The limit for
100 000

Your net monthly cost

This is a sample calculation calculated for an entrepreneur who settles the flat tax (19%) and VAT.  The presented calculation does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of art. 66 par. 1 KC. For invoices over PLN 250,000 or EUR 75,000, we prepare a special price offer.
6000 PLN

Which billing method will work for me – subscription or rate?

How to choose the optimum limit?

Can I change the limit during the contract?

Can I include factoring expenses as a business expense?

The presented calculation does not constitute a commercial offer within the meaning of Art. 66 par. 1 KC. The total cost was calculated for an entrepreneur who settles flat tax (19%) and VAT. For invoices with a denomination of pow. 250 thousand. PLN 75 thousand or 75 thousand. EUR we are preparing a special price offer.

Fill out the application – it will take you a few minutes.

Submission of the form is free of charge and does not oblige you to use the service – we will prepare an individual offer based on it.

At the last stage of the application, we will ask you to verify the company’s bank account number through the Kontomatik application or with a return verification transfer (for the amount of PLN 1).

Once you send in your application, your customer advisor will contact you and provide support throughout the process.

We will then analyze the information in your application and propose the terms of cooperation that will be most favorable.

Within 1-2 days you will receive a decision on the factoring limit and a contract for approval.

Factoring agreements do not require a signature on a paper version – all you need is an electronic signature, which you provide, for example, using the Autenti platform.

If you prefer to sign a traditional contract, we will arrange for a courier service to come to the address you specify.

We guarantee payment of the first tranche before the recipient agrees to the assignment. All you have to do is sign the contract, and the funds will immediately go into your account.

A factoring service is for you if:

What is a guaranteed advance?

In order to meet customer expectations, we have reduced the waiting time for withdrawal of funds as much as possible. Any entrepreneur who uses our factoring for the first time will receive an advance from us as soon as the contract is signed – even before the assignment is confirmed.

It is sufficient to demonstrate cooperation with the applicant and recipients, and the absence of bailiffs and foreclosure.

The advance payment does not involve any additional costs.

Do my counterparties (customers) have to agree to factoring?

Will my creditworthiness be verified during the application process?

How to sign a contract with a qualified electronic signature?

Method 1: Sign the contract with a qualified electronic signature you already have.

Method 2: Sign the contract with a one-time qualified electronic signature.

What invoices can be submitted for funding under this service?

What does the factoring process involve?

How long do you have to wait for a decision?

Is it possible to finance invoices in a foreign currency, e.g. EUR?

Which industries can benefit from factoring?

Do factoring services require insurance?

Can I add/delete pre-designated recipients/contractors?

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Customer Zone

In the Customer Zone you benefit from financing on an ongoing basis – without additional paperwork.