Qualified electronic signature – how to obtain it?

The times when we used to put our handwritten signature to all documents are irretrievably gone. In 2022, both consumers and businesses are increasingly using digital solutions, but signing documents with the trusted profile does not always meet all our needs. Concluding commercial contracts online or signing addenda online are just some of the functionalities only available with a qualified electronic signature. Individuals and companies that function on the Internet on a daily basis and usually do their business there – whether business or private – are increasingly using digital signatures, even though – unlike the Trusted Profile – you have to pay for a qualified electronic signature.
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What is an electronic signature?

Electronic Signature vs Trusted Profile

1. range of applications

2. costs

3. validity period

What are the costs of making an electronic signature?

Set with reader

Qualified signature in the cloud

A standard qualified signature kit includes a special card that is used to certify the identity of its owner. If, above all, we value convenience and would like to use an electronic signature in a mobile application, we can choose one of the cloud signatures available on the market . In such an arrangement, we will only get a virtual card, operated from within the application, instead of its physical version.

Prices for cloud-based electronic signatures vary depending on several criteria: the provider, the number of users, the available limit of signatures and the supported formats. Autenti, one of the providers of qualified signatures, offers two distinct solutions: SimplySign and mSzafir.

The former allows signing any number of documents in PAdES and XAdES formats (PDF and XML files) and enables certificate renewal.

The second option offers several signature limit thresholds (from 1,000 to 50,000 documents) and PDF signing, but without the possibility of renewal. These solutions differ in price, of course. For SimplySign, one must currently pay PLN 299, while the cost of the mSzafir signature is closing in on PLN 238.

How to obtain an electronic signature?

However, there are other verification options, such as:

  • Remote identity verification (usually an additional fee),
  • verification through online banking (available at selected banks),
  • video verification.

With the above solutions, it is possible to use a qualified signature just a few moments after purchase.

One-time electronic signature

Or maybe you don’t need a qualified signature on a daily basis, but find yourself in a situation where it would be useful to be able to sign a single document – such as a factoring agreement? Fortunately, you can get a one-time mSzafir electronic signature. For a small fee (at the time of writing this article it is 15 PLN net) you can sign the necessary document, and thus accelerate the implementation of the intended project. One-time signature is a simple solution that allows you to access a qualified electronic signature in a matter of minutes.

Of course, this type of signature also works in the cloud – you don’t need a special card.

Before you decide to buy an mSzafir signature, check whether you can verify your identity – it depends on the bank you currently use.

Secure electronic signature – law, rules

How to sign a document with an electronic signature?


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